Myrthe Mosterman (1983) discovered her passion for the technical aspects of filmmaking during her final year of Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

After graduating with a Master’s degree, she furthered her education at the Dutch Film Academy, specialising in cinematography. Since graduating in 2012, she has traveled the world working on documentaries and commercials. Her first feature film ‘GOUD’ earned her a Gouden Kalf Award for Best Cinematography and since 2018 she has been working on at least a feature film every year.

Myrthe's adaptable approach allows her to work across various genres and styles, drawing inspiration from both new talents and established professionals. Her work is known for its personal and intimate style and she likes to describe herself as naturalistic and poetic, but with a good eye for lighting and textures.

Constantly curious, Myrthe strives to find the best visual language for each project, tailoring her approach to fit the narrative. While she enjoys experimenting with different genres, she particularly appreciates naturalistic filmmaking.